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Our Story

Hi! I'm Allie, Polly's mom, pictured here with Polly and her dad/my fiance, Casey.

Fun Fact: Casey and I knew we wanted a small red goldendoodle for about 2 years before we actually got her. We even named her back then and would refer to our future pup as Polly when talking about it. Casey begged me to get a dog for probably a year, but I wasn't ready quite yet because of all they traveling we liked to do. But one day, waiting in the TSA line at the Minneapolis airport, I happened to be behind a girl about my age bringing her brand new red doodle puppy home from her breeder. Talking to her, I realized how much I wanted my own pup, caught puppy fever HARD, and knew right then and there I was finally ready to commit to being a dog mom. 

As soon as I got back home, I researched like crazy for about a month about everything dogs, doodles, and breeders. We finally decided on the breeder that best fit our needs, Springview Mini Goldendoodles, and got super lucky that she had an opening for the next litter. Even though we only had to wait 3 weeks, it felt like FOREVER. Now that we finally have her, our life is forever changed in the best way possible! We love Polly so much and she really is like our little fluffy child.

I originally started @thelifeof.polly on Instagram because I knew I would take tons of pics of her and I wanted somewhere to put them instead of just storing them on my phone. It was such a pleasant surprise to discover the amazing doodle/dog community that is on Instagram. This community has given us so much love and support, and even helped us along the way of figuring out how to raise a puppy. As Polly's account has grown, I've continued to get more and more questions on everything dog mom related! It got too hard to answer every question individually, so I finally realized that a website was the best solution to store all of that info in one place. Come back for topics like travel, getting and raising a puppy, grooming, Instagram growth, how to be the best dog parent you can be, and everything life, but with a pup. Check the blog, subscribe, or follow on Insta for updates!

Have a question that hasn't been answered, or a topic you'd like me to cover? Email me here!


Polly is a 15 pound petite apricot goldendoodle from Springview Goldendoodles.  Polly's favorite hobbies are rolling around in the snow, visiting the dog park, playing chase or hide-and-go-seek, andShe is equal parts sweet, spunky, and sassy.For more info on Polly, her breed, or other frequently asked questions, check out the FAQ page.


Casey and I (Allie) are both 27, live in Minneapolis, and have been together for 4 years. I work for a marketing agency based out of Minneapolis called RYX Engage where I focus on brand strategy, content development, social media, and business development. Casey works in sales and logistics for a company called Coyote. BP (Before Polly), we loved to spend our time with family and friends, traveling, exploring the city, trying new breweries and restaurants, or watching The Office. Now, we do all of the same stuff, but we have the cutest little nugget by our side. Follow along @thelifeof.polly to keep up with her daily adventures or say hi!

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